Adam Scott denounces Olympic golf as ‘an exhibition’ event

Adam Scott denounces Olympic golf as ‘an exhibition’ event

Posted on - May 14 Thursday, 2015

The most scathing criticism yet of golf’s return to the Olympic Games has arrived from a Masters champion, Adam Scott, who has branded the affair an “exhibition” and one he would happily avoid.

Golf’s Olympic exile, stretching back to 1904, will end next year in Rio. While in principle that has been welcomed, the underlying message relates to a hectic summer and whether or not professional players in the men’s game would really value a medal. Scott has suggested not. Australia’s world No11 is hardly renowned for controversial comment, which renders his sentiment as even more notable.

Speaking to Reuters, he said: “Whether I win an Olympic medal or not is not going to define my career or change whether I’ve fulfilled my career. It’s nothing I’ve ever aspired to do and I don’t think I ever will. It’s all about the four majors and that’s the way it should stay for golf. To go and play an exhibition event down there to meet some athletes [in other sports] in the middle of the major season – I don’t think any other athletes in their sport would do that.

“I don’t believe a lot of sports belong there. It’s got away from where it started. Most of the athletes at the Olympics probably have trained four years specifically to peak at this one event. It’s the pinnacle of their sport, they get one crack at their big thing every four years. They have put their life on hold for this event and it’s so important to them, and I feel it’s their time. Golf doesn’t need to be in the Olympics.”

Pressed on whether he would represent his country in Brazil, Scott added: “I’m not planning my schedule around playing the Olympics. I’m planning my schedule around playing majors the best I can. If I can fit going to the Olympics into that it might be a bit of fun. Lucky me.”